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Efficient and Practical Solution for Controlling And Saving Water!

When it comes to equal and consistent water distribution in large and small scale industries, trying to save water is a general problem. The traditional float ballcock is fast becoming an obsolete and impractical water control method which is why it is now being replaced by a better solution - the Automatic Water Level Control Valve!

This water level control valve has an automatic control process, and uses a low water self-refill but jets out large water volumes per four intakes, then makes an automatic stop when water is full, making it an efficient and practical solution in conserving water for various construction industries using systems like high water tanks, pools, industrial water towers, and civil buildings. 


  • Saves water through automatic control - This ball valve is designed to make an automatic full stop once water level has reached its maximum capacity. 

  • Large volume of water distribution - While the ball valve has a low self water replenishing system, it has the capacity to gush out a large amount of water at every four intake.  

  • Small sized and easy to install - Its compact design makes it less bulky and rigorous when installing it on water tank systems and does not require use of electricity. 

  • Low working pressure range - It conserves high levels of water resources through a minimal working pressure between 1  to 10 kg (0.1 - 1 MPA)

  • High temperature resistance - The quality of the ball valve makes it resilient to heat and can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. 
  • Made with high quality materials - The superior quality nylon and rubber materials used in this automatic water control valve makes it long-lasting with a low failure rate when it comes to conserving water. 


  • Material: Nylon PA66 + Food grade rubber
  • Size: 72 x 50 x 70 mm

Product Included

  • 1 x Water Level Control Valve

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